Silentium is a fixed media composition constructed with only NASA sound files. This piece primarily draws upon the use of radio static, randomly interrupted transmissions, and sound bites taken from satellites in order to illustrate the remoteness of space and the technological problems faced by NASA. The goal was to create an ethereal and alien landscape that pays homage to both the history of the space agency and the harsh reality of exploring the vastness of creation itself. My maternal grandmother was a biologist at NASA throughout all of the Apollo missions, from the tragedy of Apollo 1, to the moon walk of Apollo 11, and the challenges of Apollo 13. As a young child, I remember listening to her stories about conducting experiments on the “moon rocks” and having to keep the astronauts in isolation for weeks after their return from a mission to make sure they were not infected with some type of lunar bacteria. I dedicate Silentium in memory of her indomitable explorer’s spirit.

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