From the recordings The Complexity of Color and Commencement

Commencement is a composition for percussion trio and fixed media commissioned by artist Carol Beesley. This work is inspired by Beesley’s Emerald Lake, a vibrant and expressive portrait of a body of water encompassed by a lush mountain range near Crested Butte, Colorado.
I had the fortune to accompany Ms. Beesley on a photoshoot featuring Emerald Lake during the Summer of 2014. Not only was I astounded by the magnitude and beauty of the location, I was also inspired by the vivacious energy of the town and the plethora of saturated colors that permeated the surrounding area. This experience left a profound impression on my approach to art, and thus marked the commencement of what I hope will be a lasting relationship with my mentor and patron. Commencement strives to synthesize the stunning colors of Beesley’s painting and my initial impressions of Emerald Lake into a work that reflects the journey that began with a spark of inspiration on the shore of that verdant lake, culminating in a composition intended to illustrate the developing relationship between my patron and me.